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164 Madison St.,
Oneida, NY 13421


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Use our contact form for questions, comments or prayer requests.  We are a church that loves to connect!  

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Privacy Policy

By submitting a form through our website, you acknowledge that we will record the information supplied as a matter of replying to your contact with us.  Church on the Rock collects personal contact data only for the purposes of our own internal use.   We do not provide personal information to any other entity for any reason.  We collect names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses when applicable.  By providing any of this information you are agreeing to allow  us to use this information to contact you regarding information concerning church related activities and community center related services. For questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at the phone number or email provided.  To be removed from any further communication in the future, simply note "Do not Contact" in our message section of this contact page or in reply to any possible emails or SMS messages.  You will be removed from contact lists within 24 hrs. 

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