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The Great Turkey Giveaway

Every year we give away turkeys for Thanksgiving. Businesses, churches, individuals and other community organizations come together to help us give away turkeys to families in need in Oneida. Last year we gave away over 300 turkeys. This year on Tuesday, November 22 from 11am - 3pm we are planning on doing the same.


Recent statistics show that 60 percent of people in Oneida live at or below the poverty level. We are quickly approaching the holidays and many of our families in this city need help. If you or someone you know needs a turkey for the holidays please sign up at Church on the Rock, 164 Madison Street, Oneida, NY during our normal community center hours, Tuesday - Thursday 11am - 3pm.


We are also looking for monetary donations to help us purchase turkeys. With the help of a local grocery store we have been able to secure 300 turkeys for about eight dollars each. That means with a donation of 48 dollars you could help us buy six turkeys to bless 6 families! For 96 dollars 12 families with twelve turkeys! 


There are a few ways you can give. Make your check out to Church on the Rock and in the memo line write The Great Turkey Giveaway. Send your check to Church on the Rock P.O. Box 325 Oneida NY. You can also give online with the link on the right. Feel free to come give your donation in person during our regular community center hours 11am - 3pm, Tuesday through Thursday. If you need any more information or details give us a call at 280-4044 or contact us through our contact page. 

Click the link below to give toward turkeys.  

Then send us a message to designate your giving.  Thanks for helping us help families have a great Thanksgiving!

  Give Here  

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